Home Design by
Stephen Haynes


Home Design by
Stephen Haynes
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Our office at Cove Harbor is approximately 3 months out on being repaired and able to use. In the meantime however, we have set up shop in our home to continue providing the services you have become accustomed to receiving over the past 30 years. We are more than happy to help you with your home plans or renovations to help make this a smooth transition in getting Rockport back to even a better and stronger place than it was before Harvey.
We pray for your health and well-being on this road back to recovery.

Residential Design, Texas Gulf Coast

Home Design by Stephen Haynes is a subsidiary of Port Fabrication & Construction, Inc. and has been doing business in South Texas since 1994. 

Although we have designed facilities ranging from Community Centers, Churches, Restaurants and Motels to multi-story waterfront condominiums, duplexes and single family dwellings, we specialize in custom home design.

Hundreds of residences, remodels and structures of our design have been built by Contractors in the area.

Our firm is familiar with the windstorm requirements along the Gulf Coast and designs accordingly should you desire your residence to be built in those areas. 

Our designs are customized in order to better suit your individual requirements and needs.  Each finished design is a unique, practical and efficient structure.

Typical sets of plans include the following drawings:

Site plan Floor plans
Elevations Electrical
Foundation Details (if desired or required)
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